Wikipedia integration

I’ve added integration with wikipedia into the web app. So it is now possible to run a wikipedia search, get a list of possible articles based on your search term, and then choose one of the those articles to build a quiz out of.

I used an npm module called wikijs– This package allows you to run keyword searches against wikipedia, and also get article content in plain-text format, which is exactly what I needed. As a bonus, it also allows getting a random article, which is something I will likely incorporate in the near future. Another future development with the wiki integration is to be able to search various mediaWikis, such as the Simpsons Wiki, Star Wars wiki, etc. There is a fairly straightforward api that already exists for it, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

But now I want to focus on cleaning up the code behind the scenes instead of adding new features. I’ve decided that my next big task is going to be to split the project up into two separate projects – one will be the RESTful service and another will be the web application. This was part of my original design, and I knew I had to do it eventually, and I think now is the right time to do it. The code base is getting larger, but more importantly, I have a very good idea of which processing belongs on the client and which belongs on the server. For example, I didn’t know where it made more sense to build the word blank. I started it on the server, then had to move it to the client, but then found I could move most of it back to the server. It would’ve taken a lot of time to tinker with this if I started with two separate projects. But now that the contracts are fairly well-established, having separate projects should make things a lot smoother without much hassle.

I don’t have a lot of experience with front-end design outside of jQuery, so I’m going to be exploring some of the big names to see which makes most sense (ember, backbone, react, angular…). I’m hoping to have this part done by the end of September. I will also likely be doing a related Udemy course alongside it.


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