Quizipedia Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’ve been working hard on a few different aspects of Quizipedia, as well as some other minor tech ventures.

Other the past couple months, I’ve reworked the code quite a bit, although the main ideas and technologies are still intact. I’ve improved the look and controls significantly – making it nicer to look at and easier to use. I’ve made the game itself a lot easier. The first letter of a word is always given, as well as the number of letters in the word. Other new functionality includes the option to ask for a hint if you have enough points, or even solve the clue.

I’ve made some minor trial-based tweaks to the relevant word algorithm, but most importantly, I’ve integrated a dictionary into the relevant word finder. There are quite a few options out there for npm packages, but I was actually surprised to learn that a lot of the big name dictionary apis are not totally free. I found an open-source one, but it seems to be lacking a little (jupiter isn’t considered a word!), so it’s an area that can still use some improvement. I’d like to find one that uses a greater variety of proper nouns. I may even try to integrate a wikipedia or wiktionary api for the word-checking. I just wanted to try one out, so I picked a simple one, and now I can test it, and improve as needed.

Some of my goals for September include the following:

  • Integrate links (wiki, tv tropes, etc.) that will read and parse html to build quizzes
  • Add a way to generate a random/sample test, possibly from wiki or tv tropes
  • I’d like to start logging info on the relevant word scores. This would include details on each of the scoring areas for a word. Once I start gathering this data, I can use it to try and improve the algorithm. This might end up going somewhere like Elasticsearch, which I want to start learning more about
  • I am interested in starting up a new project in the near future, so I want to get quizipedia in a state where it is very easy to jump into and out of to make adjustments. This was a goal from the start, and I’ve followed it quite closely, but there are a few improvements to be made



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