July goals

I’m back from my trip out East and ready to get back into some existing and new projects. The PostGres Vision conference was a good opportunity to learn about a bunch of different companies that are coming up with new software using postgres. Many of the talks I went to gave an overview of some technology, followed by the presenter’s software which makes use of the technology. It wasn’t a very big conference – maybe about 200 people- so it wasn’t too overwhelming, and in that respect, it was a good place for my first tech conference.

So now that I’m back, I have some goals for July:

  • Quizipedia tests: I didn’t get a chance to write the tests that I wanted to last month, so that is going to be my priority for July. I want to have some unit and integration tests around the entire codebase, and moving forward with the project, I want to get in the habit of doing test-driven development
  • Quizipedia improvements: The relevant word algorithm on quizipedia is very primitive, so I want to do a bit of research on more intelligent ways of improving it. I may look at some of the language processing libraries that I came across while studying Postgres. This is primarily about research and investigation, s I likely won’t make any windfall changes to the code in this area.
  • Open-source project: I’m going to shop around to see if I can find an open-source project to do some work on. I’m not locking in any theme of the project, but I am going to be looking especially hard for something related to AI. These days, saying that seems like a vague statement, so I may start with some areas that I have a bit of experience in, such as constraint satisfaction problems, writing Prolog, and motion planning.
  • Books: I’ve been reading quite a few software development books lately, and I’d like to write some reviews/summaries for them.

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