Postgres: Functions, Operators, Conversion

Today I got through the functions, operators, and conversion sections of the postgres docs. There are lots of different functions in postgres and there is a lot of overloading on operators and functions, so this was just another overview of the possibilities. A thorough understanding of these concepts will require a lot more experience. So now, if someone asked me to name all of the functions that are associated with the bytea data type, I would still be fairly lost. BUT, my goal in doing this, is to get a general idea of the scope of problems that postgres is capable of solving. So if I arrive at some implementation problem where I need to make a scheduling and pricing system for a product, I know that postgres is ABLE to implement a money data type AND it can handle datetimes, including intervals and timezones. Postgres may not turn out to be the optimal solution for a given problem, but at least it’s another option now.


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