Postgres: Data types

Today I (mostly) trudged through the documents on postgres data types. As with some of the other docs, I have some familiarity with most of the concepts, and reading through the docs is more about completeness and making sure I haven’t missed anything. I got a better understanding of the differences between all the different number types, and from my experience, the important ones are simply integer, numeric, and serial. I’ve come across some of the more complicated ones such as uuid and point before, and I learned some new ones such as money and network addresses.

One of my big discoveries was the fact that you can specify a timestamp with a time zone. The time zone is something I’ve run into issues with before, and which likely could’ve been solved if I knew about these, but better late than never! I’m still a bit curious about the datetime identifier ‘allballs’, which is equivalent to 00:00:00:000 UTC.

I will likely be coming back to the textsearch types and the jsonb types. I have some experience implementing some text searches using ElasticSearch, but some of these docs are hinting that I may be able to do some of the same functionality in Postgres, which would be BIG deal for me. Further down in the docs I see a whole section on text searches, so that’s something to look forward to.


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