Postgres: Moving beyond the basics

I’ve continued reading through the postgres docs. The first little while was slow since it was mostly review and a lot of syntax and semantics. Right now I’m looking for a broad overview so I can be familiar with the functionality and workings of postgres at a mid-to-high level, so I’m not too focused on syntax specifics. I think that will come with more use. Today I got into some of the deeper concepts, including inheritance, partitioning, and schemas. I’ve heard about these and have a general idea of what they do, but reading these gives a bit more detail on HOW they work. I still would prefer to have a documentation that includes some exercises at the end of each document. I may look into some online courses to this end. In the meantime, I found a set of simple exercises to give me some hands-on practice:

I’ve also found a few ideas for how I can improve existing postgres databases that I’m currently working with. Some of the improvements might include stronger constraints, adding schemas for users, and adding permissions for certain queries (e.g. read-only data).


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