Postgres Intro

Today I started reading through the postgres docs. I just got through the Preface and the intro tutorial. It was mostly review, but I wanted to get through it anyways just to make sure there weren’t any important or basic concepts I’ve missed. So far there are no real surprises, and it was nice a refresher on some familiar terms, but I think I’d like to find some more practice on certain concepts, such as inheritance and window functions. I’m mainly used to using a relational database for simple queries (Update, Select, Delete) and the occasional join, and then I let the procedural logic in another application layer handle the logic that might be handled by some of these techniques. But I’d like to learn them anyways, just to have some more tools, in case I ever need them. I’m also going to try and find some simple postgres challenges, similar to programming katas, like I’ve tried on Codewars.



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